Let your editorial team work more flexible and motivated with Contentpepper's digital experience platform.  
Use the latest technology with intuitive usability.

Your editorial team will be able to implement all processes for online publications more efficiently. Your entire content is managed and published on a single digital experience platform. Layouting is simplified and can be adapted more flexibly. The re-use of content is made easy with the Contentpepper DXP. It allows you to use your content more economically in the long term and monetize it several times over. Across all digital touchpoints.

Content under control

Identify how successful your content really is with versatile monitoring. See whether Evergreen content generates the desired traffic for example.

Communicate more personally

Create customized content that helps build a long-term relationship with your subscribers and communicate in a consistently personalized way.

Demonstrate flexibility

Adapt the layout ad-hoc and effortlessly to current content requirements or use digital content from printed publications - print-to-digital.

Automatically more return

Take advantage of the innovative re-use of your content and benefit from the automated distribution to various online media and channels.

Digital Publishing by Contentpepper


The best connections

The Contentpepper DXP offers you various connectors to effectively use content from already existing systems, such as your CMS, archives and databases.


Easily monetized

The Contentpepper DXP integrates various tools, such as paywall solutions and ad servers. They can be tailored to the target group and medium and used immediately.


Topic oriented

Thanks to the topic cluster feature, content from previously defined topic areas can be automatically filled into corresponding publications.


Layout editor

Go ahead and process texts and images flexibly and without programming knowledge with the Contentpepper layout editor. Even new publications can be created swiftly.

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